Madden NFL 20 Contest Offers Fans Chance to Try Ratings Adjustor Job, Get Into Video Game

Want to take on the role of the Madden ratings adjustors? Some consider it one of the toughest gigs in the sports video games, while others believe it’s a lot of fun. The NFL and EA’s Madden NFL 20 title are teaming up to let a lucky fan handle the ratings adjustor position for a day. Here are the latest details on how to enter the contest for this unique opportunity.

Madden NFL 20 ratings adjustor contest arrives

On Sunday morning, the NFL tweeted out a clever new video featuring Madden game footage in a different way. It shows off this year’s only 99 Club member from offense, Houston Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins, as he prepares to make a big reception. However, the play freezes with Hopkins stuck in the air and moving his eyes around, wondering what’s going on.

The video is promoting the NFL’s new contest in which one fan becomes a Madden ratings adjustor for a day. That will allow the winning fan the opportunity to see what it’s like to take on the job in which Madden player ratings take shape through the season. It also brings several other prizes with the win including swag items and getting scanned in to appear in a future Madden game.

To enter is easy, as fans just need to follow the NFL’s Instagram or Twitter. From there, upload a photo or video to show which player deserves a 99 overall rating in Madden NFL 20. Entrants also need to tag @NFL and use the hashtag “#NFL100Contest” with their photo or video.

The contest will run through August 4, giving limited time to enter. More details about the Madden NFL 20 contest are available here.

ESPN’s E:60 special Numbers Game clip shows ratings adjustors in action

The NFL 100 contest reveal arrives on the same day as ESPN premiered their new E:60 special, “Numbers Game.” That one-hour special gave viewers an inside look at what the Madden ratings adjustors have to do. That includes heated meetings and their trips to go watch players in games so they can adjust ratings accordingly. Check out an exclusive seven-minute clip from the special below.

The new Madden NFL 20 game’s full player ratings arrived just last week, opening up plenty of discussions and debates. However, the Madden ratings adjustors are going to keep a close eye on which players perform good and not so good each week as the NFL season takes place. Expect those numbers to keep changing!

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