Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Latest Trailer Shows Off More X-Men

Nintendo and Marvel have graced the public with more information regarding the highly anticipated Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. With its summer release date drawing closer, the Japanese gaming titan has released another trailer for the title. This time around, fans get a good look at the X-Men and their role in the game.

The Mutants Are Back in Full Force

Once it was announced at the Game Awards in late 2018 fans have been yearning to learn more about Ultimate Alliance 3. While more details have slowly trickled through the cracks thanks to several announcements by Nintendo, few have made waves like this. Sure, the cover art is awesome, and Captain Marvel is a cool addition, but this is what so many diehard Marvel fans have truly waited for.

Since receiving a glimpse of the X-Mansion in the first teaser trailer, the public has been pondering the presence of the X-Men in the full game. Wolverine was shown battling some Sentinels, but other than him and Storm not much was known about the beloved band of mutants. A bit more information was revealed when the cover art released, but this trailer brings a whole host of new information.

Old Friends and Foes Show Their Faces

The classic villains of the X-Men franchise make their first major appearance in an exciting unveiling. Magneto, Mystique, and Juggernaut all make their menacing presence known with their signature outfits in front of a destroyed Sentinel. Following his dismantling of the X-Mansion, Magneto can be seen in combat with the party of heroes in what will no doubt amount to be an excellent boss battle.

What’s most fascinating about the trailer though is the alliance that is seemingly formed. In keeping with Ultimate Alliance’s title, unusual partnerships must sometimes be formed. This is voiced by Magneto as he clutches the Power Stone and faces off against Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive. This is an official confirmation that Magneto will indeed be accessible to the players as a playable character, although likely not before an epic fight takes place.

When combing through the trailer it’s made clear that Beast and the severely underrated Psylocke are joining the fray too. With these additions, fans can only hope the X-Men and their extended family continue to grow in presence in Ultimate Alliance 3. Until Nintendo decides do be more generous with that information at E3 though, fans can look toward the game’s July 19 release date on the Nintendo Switch.