Masahiro Sakurai on Including Music in Smash Bros. Ultimate

As we’re getting closer to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming out, we’re getting even more details. This time, Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai sheds some light regarding including music in the game (via Siliconera).

Super Smash Bros.

To start off, getting the rights to the guest franchise’s songs was tricky due to money and legal rights. Because of this, some series won’t have as much music included as others. With those limitations in mind, Sakurai feels like they’ve done their best, especially since acquiring the rights for multiple franchises for Smash is very difficult.

Next up, is gathering the composers. Sakurai emailed the composers a year and a half ago. Once he got four to six people together, he made a presentation that gave an overview of the game. Sakurai mentioned he didn’t want many mellow songs because he wants the music to pump players up during battle.

Once each composer signed their NDAs (non-disclosure agreement), the composers starting picking their songs. They went through a database filled with thousands of songs and suggested others too. With over 900 songs included in the game, it’d be interesting to know how many songs the database has.

When it came to choosing which songs would make it into the game, the composer’s choices got top priority. Castlevania and Mega Man were the most popular among the composers. Even though each composer had free reign with the songs, Sakurai oversaw the direction of the soundtrack in order to retain the game’s vision.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches on Nintendo Switch on December 7th. It’ll have over 900 songs to choose from and you can listen to them with your Switch in sleep mode. Now, all we need is an epic collection of the soundtrack to download. For more news regarding Smash Bros. and other gaming news, keep it locked to VGR.