Maximum Football 2019: Patrons Get Early Look at Game Before September Release

The hype for Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football is building by the day! With a special sneak-peek preview taking place over the weekend for Patron costumers, the reviews are starting to pour in. Did Max Football’s first hurdle pass the test, or was it a fumble right out of the gate?

Maximum Football early reviews

Doug Flutie’s official Maximum Football page tweeted out on Sunday (July 28) that selected Patrons had a chance to play the game first hand and provide valuable insight and feedback. So far the general consensus seems very positive!

Several reviews, including one from Cody Smith, all indicated that they believe that this game is going to be a hit with football fans everywhere.

Big changes

Maximum Football told anyone and everyone who was listening that big changes were coming to the game this September. With this quick sneak preview over the weekend, some of the changes are apparent.

Some gameplay screens can be seen in the latest Maximum Football official tweet.

Yes, it is brief, but it looks great. Remember, the fact that Flutie personally said he wants to make Maximum Football one of the best on the market shows what fans can expect in improvements from last seasons game.

New helmets, Wilson footballs, gloves, along with better-looking field graphics, more realistic player features and 130 teams set in Dynasty mode are all in place!

Personally, I can not wait for the game to drop this September. Focusing on the college aspect, this game truly has a chance to become a hit!

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