Maximum Football 2019 Updates Revealed Including 130 Teams In Dynasty Mode

Summer may be just around the corner, but college football fans are already counting down the days until the 2019 season. The same can be said for gamers. With the latest Maximum Football 2019 updates arriving, the anticipation for its release is building!

Maximum Football 2019 Updates

While the NFL has Madden, college football doesn’t have a real “go-to” game. Doug Flutie is hoping to change that in 2019. Gamers have been following updates on social media about Max Football and they are hoping that this 2019 version will be worth the hype.

What we do know according to the latest Tweet is that this version of Max could be the most realistic and exciting yet.

Over the weekend, Canuck Play indicated that most of the new UI is in place, and a third motion capture day took place as well. With new state of the art sound, helmets and graphics all coming together, gamers are hoping for a great NCAA game.

130 Teams

Everyone is wondering how Maximum Football will pull off a college game involving so many team options. Well, it seems like they are giving it their best shot.

“We have revealed the default 130 Teams in Dynasty Mode. Check them all out on our Patreon!”

In their latest tweet, Maximum Football indicates that 130 teams may be in play for the game’s upcoming release. That is a Maximum Football update that fans across the US are enjoying!

130 possible teams to select from means that the smaller schools and conferences won’t be left out of the game. The concept of a great college game is long overdue.

Hopefully this edition will live up to the hype because fans will definitely be on board!

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