Mitchell Itsuu NHL 21 Recognize Greatness Trailer Arrives on Release Date

The arrival of Mitchell Itsuu in NHL 21 also marks the official release date for the newest hockey simulation game. Friday brought a special launch trailer along with EA’s new video game which features a star nobody has heard of, until now. It’s none other than Mitchell Itsuu who stars in the “Recognize Greatness” video trailer along with other famous faces.

Mitchell Itsuu stars in NHL 21 launch trailer

With many of the sports simulation video games, players can create their own sports star to take on a journey to greatness. That typically happens in a Career Mode, and in the case of the NHL 21 launch trailer, it’s Mitchell Itsuu who represents that new star player. He’s shown playing in outdoor games ahead of his eventual move to the NHL.

“This kid is the next big thing,” says NHL 21 cover star Alex Ovechkin early on in the video trailer. Various snapshots pile up on the screen to record Itsuu’s highlight-worthy moments.

The fictional Mitchell Itsuu is basically the talk of the town, and ice, in the new trailer. We also see LA Kings reporter Carrlyn Bathe speaking with Kings podcaster Jesse Cohen about the rising star. YouTube gamers, journalists, and TV personalities appear in the trailer talking up the new phenom. Ultimately, he winds up as the top pick for the Calgary Flames.

Despite that landing spot, the trailer shows how a player’s career can change drastically in Career Mode. Mitchell Itsuu ends up traded to a new team in NHL 21 where he has to try to get along with new teammates and excel. Of course the team he’s trying to excel with just so happens to include one of the top stars in the league on its roster.

New trailer arrives on game’s release date

While the Mitchell Itsuu story involves NHL 21 Career mode, it’s just one of many aspects of the new EA game. Others include the World of Chel and HUT Rush, which brings new aspects to Ultimate Team. Of course, gamers can also play in quick play team matchups, and on October 30 they can experience NHL 94 Rewind, an old school throwback game.

NHL 21 officially launched on Friday, October 16 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Gamers who pre-ordered copies of the Ultimate Edition or Deluxe Edition were able to play the game three days earlier. Those who were EA Play members got 10 hours of early access over a week ago.

As of this report, the PS4 version of the game has a 72 overall score on Metacritic. That’s based on just eight critics’ reviews. It has a 5.2 user score out of 10 based on 21 user reviews or ratings. While that’s low, it’s nowhere near as low as scores that EA’s Madden and FIFA were bombed with on Metacritic.

So far, there isn’t a Metacritic score for the Xbox One version of the game. It’s also important to note that there won’t be next-gen versions of NHL 21 coming for PS4 and Xbox Series X. While fans will be able to play the current-gen titles on the new consoles, they’ll have to wait for NHL 22 to experience a revamped hockey title.

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