MLB The Show 19: Latest Signature Series Choice Pack Reveal Includes Kensley Jansen, George Brett, More

MLB The Show 19 has revealed their latest Signature Series Choice Pack along with the odds of you scoring one. The packs are broken down into three separate tiers with each tier containing three Signature Series cards. Each pack offers a choice of a Diamond Legend or Flashback so really, either way, you can’t lose!

Signature Series Tiers

The latest Signature Series Tiers each contain three collectible cards. However, some are harder to obtain than others.

The first set is the Rare-Tier. The odds of getting one of these three cards is 1:10. This set consists of three Diamonds that all have a 99-player rating. Catcher Gary Carter, second baseman Ryne Sandberg and Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen make up this group.

Next is the Mid-Tier. The odds are set at 1:4 to see this choice tier of Diamond players in the Signature Series Choice Pack. This group consists of Curtis Granderson (96 OVR), Joey Votto (99 OVR) and George Brett (99 OVR).

The final pack is the Base-Tier which has the best odds of collecting at 1:1. This pack consists of Rick Ankiel (88 OVR), Keith Hernandez (98 OVR) and Russell Martin (95 OVR).

How to obtain the cards

If you happen to be new to MLB The Show or to the Signature Series, welcome aboard! There are two ways to collect the latest Signature Series Choice Packs.

The first is you can always purchase them in the Show Shop. The second way involves a bit of good fortune. If lady luck is on your side, you may get a voucher from the post-game rewards for some freebies! That is always a nice way to add to your collection.

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