MLB The Show 20 Prospects Set 3 Arrives Featuring Casey Mize, Jarred Kelenic

While the MLB season is suspended, for now, many fans are turning to their favorite video game, MLB The Show 20. The new title arrived just within the past few weeks and features a variety of new modes and content. On Friday, March 27, a new MLB The Show 20 Prospects Set 3 arrived in the Diamond Dynasty mode. Here’s a look at what is available in terms of future stars for this content drop.

MLB The Show 20 Prospects Set 3 available with seven future stars

The new MLB The Show 20 Prospects Set 3 packs went live on Friday in the game’s Diamond Dynasty mode. These packs go for 30,000 Stubs each and gamers can purchase a maximum of two packs. The potential is there to pull a player from the Rare (89+ OVR), Mid (87+ OVR), or Base (86 OVR) groups.

That means the possibility of getting one of two Rare tier cards. Those cards are for Detroit Tigers pitching prospect Casey Mize and Seattle Mariners centerfielder Jarred Kelenic. Mize gets a 90 overall card with 93 Break, 90 Velocity, 89 Control, 88 Stamina, and 85 BB/9 ratings. Kelenic, an 89 OVR, brings 94 Contact Right, 84 Arm Strength, 83 Fielding, 80 Speed, and 78 Reaction.

Right now, the Mize card is fetching about 60,000 Stubs or more on the Marketplace. Kelenic is getting up to 69,000 Stubs at the Marketplace, making these nice values for those who want to get some extra currency.

The video tweet below shows all seven new prospects available in the packs.

  • Sixto Sanchez – Marlins (86 OVR)
  • Brendan Rodgers – Rockies (86 OVR)
  • Sean Murphy – Athletics (86 OVR)
  • Brendan McKay – Rays (87 OVR)
  • Andrew Vaughn – White Sox (88 OVR)
  • Jarred Kelenic – Mariners (89 OVR)
  • Casey Mize – Tigers (90 OVR)

By the way, these prospects are the last seven players needed to get that Wander Franco 91 OVR card.

Prospects/Headliners Packs and Stubs prices

The MLB The Show 20 Prospects Set 3 joins the other recent packs, Headliners Set 5. Those include featured player Ty Cobb and have a limit of five per person for a price of 7,500 Stubs. Prospects Set 3 packs are 30,000 Stubs, a considerably higher price.

MLB The Show 20 Stubs are an in-game currency earned through various forms of play in the game. In addition to grinding to get Stubs, gamers can also head into PlayStation Store to buy them.

While it’s possible to get 11,000 Stubs for $9.99 three times for about $30, there’s a cheaper alternative. It currently costs $19.99 to buy 24,000 Stubs at the PlayStation Store, $4.99 for 5,000 Stubs, and $0.99 for 1,000 Stubs. So that’s a savings of five or six dollars.

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