MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Mode Details Video Arrives Ahead of Early Access

Many fans are anxiously awaiting MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty and other game modes in the latest San Diego Studio game. Ahead of early access for gamers to play The Show, a new video dropped featuring Coach and Ramone. They teamed up to answer specific questions related to the new Diamond Dynasty mode, including how to acquire cards and more.

Coach and Ramone give MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty details

Everyone’s favorite duo, Coach and Ramone, were part of the new MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty video that arrived on Wednesday, April 14. First on the agenda was to let gamers know that all Diamond Dynasty cards will be “grindable,” meaning there won’t be ones that are only available by purchase.

Ramone added that there are also even more ways this year to obtain some of the most difficult cards. That’s definitely better than some sports games where micro-transactions are painfully necessary in order to build a solid team. With MLB The Show 21, playing the game will be all it takes for those who don’t want to empty their wallets for currency.

Moments will make their return as part of this Diamond Dynasty mode. Ramone mentioned they’re considered a “core feature in MLB The Show.” In addition, Showdowns will return to the game to help with progress in DD mode.

Along with that, Ramone said there would be new card art and new card series appearing in this year’s DD. A sneak peek of the new card series is part of the video (below).

This year’s game will not only be on current-gen consoles the PS4 and Xbox One, but next-gen. According to Ramone, all platforms for MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty will share the same marketplace.

A few unfortunate details also arrived in the answers video. Ramone informed gamers there won’t be any option for Battle Royale with friends, and also, the designated hitter hasn’t been added to Diamond Dynasty. However, it’s always possible these could join the game at a later update.

The Show also has a special live stream presentation about Diamond Dynasty features this Thursday (April 15) at 3 p.m. PDT on their various social channels.

Early access for new game starts Friday

By now, it’s no secret that the official MLB The Show 21 release date is April 20. However, gamers who pre-order select editions of The Show can start using MLB The Show early access four days earlier. That officially begins this Friday at 12 a.m. Eastern Time.

To get early access, gamers need to pre-order any edition besides Standard Edition. So that includes The Jackie Robinson Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, or Jackie Robinson Deluxe Edition. Each of these editions includes several other bonuses such as Stubs currency and other in-game extras.

Check out The Show’s official website to get more details for pre-ordering the game.

For more updates about the game, make sure to check out our MLB news page.