MLB The Show 21 Field of Dreams Program: Virtual Stadium, Uniforms, and Diamond Reward Revealed

Over three decades ago, an iconic sports movie arrived with Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner. Years later, the first regular-season baseball game will take place at a real-life stadium based on the historic movie. In honor of that, there’s also the MLB The Show 21 Field of Dreams program. The baseball simulation game will feature special content including a stadium created based on real-world specs.

Iconic venue arrives in video game ahead of Yankees vs. White Sox game

On Thursday, August 12, baseball fans will get to see the New York Yankees vs. Chicago White Sox take place at the Field of Dreams stadium in Dyersville, Iowa. Just days ahead of the matchup, MLB The Show 21 Field of Dreams Program arrives.

“If you build it, they will come,” was a popular line from 1989’s Field of Dreams movie. With The Show’s Stadium Creator, gamers can design their own fantasy ballparks complete with volcanos or UFOs, or other crazy concepts. San Diego Studios went to work and designed a virtual Field of Dreams stadium for The Show, which will be featured with all sorts of in-game content.

Based on MLB’s report, they began to visualize the concept for the virtual version of the Iowa ballpark after it was announced a game was coming there this year. In order to design the venue for the game, The Show’s team “scoured the internet” looking for various social media images of the ballpark. In addition, they worked from MLB’s blueprint of the field.

In addition to recreating the field with its real-life dimensions, they also brought other elements from the Field of Dreams film into the game. Those include a representation of the farmhouse and the smaller field near those cornstalks. The only thing missing might be Kevin Costner, although some creative gamers might add him as a customized ballplayer.

The virtual Field of Dreams ballpark is available on all platforms including PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S. Check out a trailer below announcing the arrival of the classic movie stadium into the game.

MLB The Show 21 Field of Dreams Program starts Aug. 10

On Wednesday, San Diego Studios also teased the MLB The Show 21 Field of Dreams Program. A 10-minute The Lead Off video featured Ramon Russell and Ben Gellman-Chomsky going over the upcoming program and content.

An all-new Field of Dreams event is also available in The Show’s Diamond Dynasty mode. With this, gamers need to build their lineups using Yankees or White Sox players. They can be Legends or commons. Once the lineup’s set, compete in three-inning games at the virtual venue online against other gamers for rewards.

Those rewards include a 97 OVR Diamond DJ LeMahieu (Yankees) and a 98 OVR Milestone Lucas Giolito (White Sox). Along the way, gamers can rack up Stubs, packs, and other items for Diamond Dynasty.

At the end of The Lead Off episode above, they revealed a new 99 overall Field of Dreams player reward for the new program. It will be the legendary Roberto Clemente which should have Diamond Dynasty fans hyped for the program to start.

mlb the show 21 field of dreams program reward roberto clemente
Roberto Clemente is the 99 OVR Diamond reward for MLB The Show 21 Field of Dreams. (Photo via San Diego Studios)

The new program in The Show officially begins on Tuesday (Aug. 10) starting at noon Pacific Time (3 p.m. Eastern Time). The MLB Field of Dreams game takes place on Thursday, August 12 beginning at 7:15 p.m. Eastern Time with FOX providing the telecast.

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