MLB The Show Invades Spring Training With Behind The Scenes Look

The Boys of Summer are preparing for the upcoming season. The same can be said for the creators at Sony and MLB The Show. While players headed to spring training this past week, the hard-working folks at PlayStation did as well.

MLB The Show behind the scenes look

MLBPA Players choice tweeted out an exclusive behind the scenes look at the latest player scans as they invaded the Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles training facilities on Friday afternoon. The pictures resembled a movie set more than a spring training session!

A behind the scenes look shared by the team at Sony gives a glance at just how much detail is involved to put this great game together.

From hundreds of camera angles of players to the locker room, MLB The Show is showing why they are the best at what they do.

The Show first timer

A great example of how detailed MLB The Show gets was shared by Baltimore Orioles pitcher David Hess. Hess tweeted out his experience. As you can see by the video, it takes quite a bit to get the ball rolling.

From measurements, makeup to being surrounded by a circle of cameras, Hess seemed to enjoy the ride. After all, what says you have made the big leagues more than being in MLB The Show! Nowadays, being a star in The Show is comparable to being on a Topps baseball card twenty years ago.

MLB The Show 19 will hit shelves everywhere games are sold on March 26. Preorders are still being taken online everywhere including at Amazon and GameStop.

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