Modern Warfare Season 4: What to Expect From the Fennec SMG

Just like the game’s previous seasons, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 brings two new weapons to the game, which are available through the free tiers of the Season 4 Battle Pass. The first of these two weapons is the Fennec SMG, a lightweight firearm which boasts an impressive rate of fire.

Modern Warfare Season 4: The Fennec SMG

“An aggressive full-auto submachine gun with buttery smooth recoil and a blazing fast rate of fire,” reads the Fennec SMG’s weapon description; “that is exceptional for strategic room clearing and holding down the front line.”

At its core, the new Fennec SMG is an aggressive rapid-fire gun designed to mow down multiple opponents. Four shots from the Fennec should put a single enemy down at close range, provided they have no armour. However, the firearm’s efficiency drops at longer range. Its high fire rate does allow you to drop multiple enemies quickly, but it comes at a cost; the Fennec’s reload speed is slower than most other SMGs.

Modern Warfare Season 4 Fennec SMG 2

It’s worth noting that the standard magazine for the Fennec is 20 bullets. While this is plenty to put down a single opponent (potentially more) it isn’t the most forgiving if you miss while firing at a group. As such, it may be worth using the gun’s 40-round magazine attachment to avoid the long reload time. (Or bring a sidearm to switch to quickly in tense firefights.) It’s also worth noting that the Fennec’s .45 Hollow Point rounds can be a good choice for accurate players. The gun becomes a 2-round burst weapon, but a single burst to an opponent’s head will be enough to down them.

Of course, the Fennec features a wide range of attachments and loadouts in the Gunsmith. Of particular note are the ZLR Sabre Muzzle and ZLR 16″ Apex Barrel (pictured above). When combined with the ZLR Blade Stock, these can transform the Fennec from a short-range burst SMG to something more akin to a long-range marksman’s rifle; quite a dramatic reversal of the original design.