More Red Dead Redemption 2 Information Will Be Released Next Month

Rockstar Games have confirmed that on top of the mass marketing blowout for their new title Red Dead Redemption 2 that they did last week, they will be continuing it next month with more information on the games’ special editions, and most likely multiplayer details and gameplay footage.

Outlet Everyeye predicted that a gameplay reveal would be most likely at the end of June to early July, and it makes sense when you look at Rockstar Games’ previous marketing patterns. Grand Theft Auto V’s gameplay was revealed only a few months before release, and it had a very similar delay pattern to that of Red Dead Redemption 2. The previews that occured last week did not go into detail on multiplayer, which IGN said was “not the time” to talk about it.

red dead redemption 2 information next month

It’s a smart move, not talking about multiplayer – a trend of previous titles (such as EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II) dropping in sales and rising in controversy due to micro-transactions and pay-to-win features in their multiplayer being announced pre-launch is too big not to notice, and clearly Rockstar want to perfect their multiplayer before going into detail on how it works. E3 might be the time to look out for the next wave of Red Dead Redemption 2 news, but Rockstar Games don’t usually attend E3 in the way that you think – their last appearance was to announce a Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Bundle, but that’s about it. They are very independent when it comes to marketing their own game, and it seems to work.

By confirming the imminent announcement of the “special editions” it almost confirms that there will be a physical collectors edition, which could possibly include a statue or other merchandise relating to the game such as Arthur Morgan or a poster, or more. It could include a soundtrack and a steelbook copy, but that’s just speculation from common collector’s edition items. There could also be some exclusive editions to certain retailers such as Amazon, GAME, Walmart, or other.

Rockstar Games have also announced a treasure hunt in GTA Online in order to get a western-themed antique in-game. More details are to be followed on that soon.