More Than Myth: Where to Find All of God of War’s Jotnar Shrines

God of War may be a game that focuses primarily on combat, but the latest entry in the series features a rich tapestry of lore. While much of that lore comes from characters like Mimir, plenty of it also comes in written form. For players interested in God of War’s new Norse lore, the “More Than Myth” Labor is a perfect quest to complete.┬áIt tasks you with finding all eleven of God of War’s Jotnar Shrines. Each tells the story of a “Giant of Legend,” and after you find them, you can read the information from each shrine in “Jotnar Shrines”, under the Codex’s Lore tab.

Skoll & Hati

The game’s first shrine can be found in the Wildwoods. Travel through the area until you find a pair of blue doors. Inside the room beyond is a puzzle that requires you to use Kratos’ axe to keep a gate up. After that, exit the chamber and follow the left wall until you find a chain. Climb up to a passageway and the shrine is at its end.


When you enter The River Pass while completing the “Hammer Fall” Favour, you will find one of Brok’s shops. Look for a cliff that you can climb down, and then use a chain to descend further. Following the right-hand wall, pass through a gateway and cross a bridge. When you find a Nornir chest, follow the left wall and jump to a higher area. From there, follow the right wall until you pass into a new chamber, and you should find Hrungnir’s shrine to your left.


Skadi’s shrine is located in the Veithurgard region. When you pass through the door of Veithurgard castle, after striking three runes to open the way, the shrine can be found on the right-hand side.


When you arrive at Vanaheim Tower in the Foothills region, head inside. Past the doors, turn to your left and you should find the World Serpent’s shrine in the next room.


Groa’s shrine can be found in Alfheim, and is very easy to find. When you arrive at Sindri’s second shop, which is located in the region, the shrine should be next to it.


You can find Ymir’s shrine during “The Mountain” Journey. As you near the end of the quest, you will enter a room with broken scaffolding directly ahead. The shrine can be found behind a sap wall, just outside of the chamber. A shock crystal to break the wall is to the right of a balcony in the room.


During “The Magic Chisel” Journey, you will access the Hidden Chamber of Odin inside Thamur’s Corpse. Thamur’s shrine is to your left, inside the chamber.


Bergelmir’s shrine is inside Tyr’s Temple. There are two docks for Kratos’ boat, and you need to find one that contains an open doorway that looks out to the gallery overhead. From there, enter a chamber in which Atreus must solve a sand puzzle, and you will find the shrine there.


To find Thrym’s shrine, you need to enter the Lake of Nine’s Lookout Tower when the water is low. After climbing the rocks, use a zip-line to travel from the tower to another area near Muspelheim Tower, where you can find the shrine.


Starkad’s shrine is located in Konunsgard Stronghold. As you complete the “Hail to the King” Favor, you should enter the Stronghold and turn right. The shrine will be at the end of the hall.


Surtr’s shrine can be found in the Muspelheim, close to Brok’s shop in the fiery realm.