NBA 2K19’s 2KTV Host Rachel DeMita Bids Farewell After Final Episode With Kemba Walker

With the NBA 2K19 game getting plenty of play, fans are now learning that one of the popular aspects of the series is losing a major star. NBA 2KTV host Rachel DeMita is reportedly done with working as the show’s familiar face during her digital series. She’s been part of the community for some time, and fans have enjoyed her ability to add personality and insight to unique takes on the game of basketball. She’s even appeared as her “virtual self” for interviews within the NBA 2K game.

2KTV host Rachel DeMita records her final episode

2KTV fans are sadly realizing that an amazing run in the world of digital shows is coming to a close for a video game celebrity. Longtime host, Rachel DeMita’s final appearance is the recent NBA 2KTV Season 5, Episode 10. It features Charlotte Hornets NBA All-Star Kemba Walker in a 14-minute video, available on YouTube (below). Walker joined DeMita to talk about his upbringing in New York as well as what he’d like to achieve in the future as an NBA player.

The NBA 2KTV feature is a popular part of the 2K series of basketball games, as it’s produced specifically for the video game. The show’s episodes typically focus on at least one NBA player joining DeMita for an interview or other activity. Kemba Walker became Rachel’s final guest during her time as host. There are also parts of the show that focus specifically on the basketball video game such as MYCAREER mode, top plays, tips, and other relevant information.

NBA 2K19 thanks Rachel DeMita ahead of her journey

In addition to hosting the popular NBA 2KTV show, Rachel Demita also has over a million fans spread across different social media. That includes over 1.4 million Instagram followers along with hundreds of thousands between her Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts. DeMita also regularly vlogs on the YouTube channel about different topics including basketball moves, exercise, and her life in general.

On Friday night, the NBA 2K19 Twitter provided a short video highlight clip. In it, they thank DeMita for her four years with the series.

As one might expect, DeMita was emotional during and after her final episode. It’s clear she realizes how much this journey has meant for her. It helped her develop a personal brand as she is a familiar part of the hit 2K basketball series. DeMita is also a regular during the annual NBA Celebrity All-Star Game with a background as a collegiate basketball player.

She tweeted several times on Friday. Her tweet included a photo with cast and crew as well as a heartfelt message to fans (below).

Now DeMita is moving on to new ventures including a media deal she signed with sports-media startup Overtime. DeMita will help collaborate on new shows or live sports coverage, per reports that surfaced back in September.

With that said, there are already fans wishing Rachel DeMita well online on her next endeavor. There are also those who are claiming they won’t have any incentive to watch the 20-minute NBA 2KTV show. That show not only featured DeMita but also brought viewers an extra bit of virtual currency for the NBA 2K19 game.

One has to wonder who will step in to try to fill Rachel’s basketball shoes. She certainly amassed an impressive following with the 2K basketball community and will be missed.