NBA 2K20 Legend Cover Star Dwyane Wade Discusses the Game in New 2KTV Video

Dwyane Wade may be retired from the NBA, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t following the game, or the video game. He’s featured as the NBA 2K20 Legends cover star after giving fans plenty of memorable moments throughout his career. Some of the big highlight games or moments from his career even appear in the new NBA 2K20 game. D-Wade appeared in the latest episode of NBA 2KTV to discuss the current state of hoops and the 2K game.

NBA 2K20 Legend cover star Dwyane Wade featured on 2KTV Ep. 3

In the latest NBA 2KTV episode, Alexis Morgan and Chris Manning bring fans an exclusive look at the NBA 2K20 launch party. It included a number of major NBA stars like Kevin Durant, Ben Simmons, and NBA 2K20 cover star Anthony Davis. The newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers appears on the game’s Standard cover. Meanwhile, retired Miami Heat All-Star and NBA champion Dwyane Wade is the NBA 2K20 Legend cover star.

Alexis sat down with Wade to talk about a number of topics including the 2K video game and real-world hoops. Check out the exclusive launch event footage and D-Wade interview below.

Some of the highlights from the interview including Dwyane Wade talking about his 2K20 cover, in-game likeness, and the toughest player for him to guard in the NBA. Hint, it’s a former Laker, but not the one who was Wade’s Miami Heat teammate.¬†Wade also talks about his rating in the game and sheds light on what sort of MyPlayer build he’d give himself in the game. See more details about the NBA 2K20 features at 2K’s website.

Also featured in the video are a number of other individuals that are part of the game, including Linda Lind. She’s the singing voice behind both the American and Canadian anthems in 2K20. 2KTV host Alexis Morgan spoke with her about what it means to sing both anthems for the game, and what she’s up to now.

Gamers can check out NBA 2KTV episodes regularly as they arrive in the video game or online weekly. In addition, 2KTV has offered gamers rewards for participating in polls or multiple choice trivia questions, so they could help build up some in-game currency.

Get more of the latest NBA 2K20 news here for the game. See more details about the 2K20 features at 2K’s website.