NBA 2K20 MyTeam Unveils Wilt Chamberlain Prime Series I Packs & Boxes

Another one of the all-time greats in basketball has arrived as part of the NBA 2K20 MyTeam content. As of Friday, 2K20 revealed that Wilt Chamberlain will lead the way for the newest Prime Series I packs and boxes. In addition to “Wilt the Stilt,” a number of other star players are featured as possible pulls from the packs or boxes. Here are more details on which players are included in the newest lineup of stars.

New NBA 2K20 MyTeam Prime Series I featuring Wilt Chamberlain

On Friday, NBA 2K tweeted out a quick trailer video showing off the new NBA 2K20 MyTeam Wilt Chamberlain Prime Series. A Wilt Chamberlain Pink Diamond card is the best of the bunch for the new promotion. However, there are some other player items to potentially obtain.

Along with Wilt, other players shown in the video include Nick Van Exel, Kevin Love, and another Hall of Famer, Julius Erving. All of them are now randomly available through packs and boxes in the NBA 2K20 MyTeam store area. Here’s a look at the video reveal that arrived on Friday:

The Prime Series I: Wilt Chamberlain pack contains one player and four other items. Those packs go for 7,500 Virtual Currency or 10,500 MT. There’s also a 10-pack bundle for 67,500 VC and a 20-pack bundle selling for 135,000 VC. Here’s a look at the players that are available in the packs and bundles.

Wilt Chamberlain Prime Series I Players list:

  • Wilt Chamberlain – Pink Diamond 96
  • Kevin Love – Diamond 95
  • Julius Erving – Diamond 94
  • Billy Cunningham – Amethyst 92
  • Nick Van Exel – Amethyst 92
  • Terrence Ross – Ruby 88

Those are some nice options, but many NBA 2K20 MyTeam gamers know there are better cards on the way. The NBA season is over a week away but will bring with it the debut of Zion Williamson as a rookie as well as the return of the league’s top stars including Anthony Davis on the Lakers, Kyrie Irving on the Celtics, and Kawhi Leonard on the Clippers. As players put in great performances, the NBA 2K20 MyTeam content will arrive.

Wilt is the latest in what appears to be a regular reveal of new Prime Series players. Check out the other recent Prime Series featuring John Stockton and also the recent Clyde Drexler Spotlight Series.

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