New NBA 2K20 Promo Super Packs, Billy Cunningham Triple Threat Online EVO Available

NBA 2K gamers still playing MyTeam mode are continuing to get new content despite the lack of a real-world basketball season. The newest items came on Wednesday with the release of brand new NBA 2K20 Promo Super Packs and a Triple Threat Online EVO reward. That card is dynamic small forward/power forward Billy Cunningham who is part of the Philadelphia 76ers all-time team in the game.

What are the NBA 2K20 Promo Super Packs all about?

The new NBA 2K20 Promo Super Packs give gamers a shot at player cards from previous promotions in MyTeam. Those include Multidimensional, Lights Out, New Year’s Resolutions, Frostbite, Leap Year, Campus Legends, or Fan Favorites packs. Some of the best cards available include the Galaxy Opal Fan Favorites cards for Tacko Fall, Alex Caruso, and Bol Bol.

Other Galaxy Opals include Carmelo Anthony (Campus Legends), Tracy McGrady (Leap Year), Magic Johnson (Campus Legends), and Derrick Rose (Leap Year).

There are also various Pink Diamonds for stars like Anthony Davis, Manute Bol, Paul George, and Gilbert Arenas. Of course, there are Diamonds, an Amethyst Danny Ainge, Sapphires, and Emeralds, with the lowest-rated card coming in at 81 overall.

Promo Super Packs start at 11,250 VC for a single pack of five items (one player item and four other items) They’ll include a guaranteed player from the various promotions. Gamers can also purchase a 10-pack box for 101,250 VC or 20-pack box for 202,500 VC.

New Billy Cunningham EVO as Triple Threat Online Reward

NBA great Billy Cunningham was revealed as a new Triple Threat Online reward. It’s an Evolution card (96 OVR) that gamers can earn by participating in the Triple Threat multiplayer challenges. These involve using three of your best MyTeam players to take on other competitors online in a 3-vs-3 game. The first team to 21 points (win by two) wins the game. You’ll earn MT after a win or loss depending on your performance.

The video below covers the specifics of the card along with gameplay. The 6-foot-6 Cunningham plays small or power forward and has 99 Offense with 93 Defense. At its first level, Cunningham’s card has 27 Bronze, 11 Gold, and 21 Hall of Fame Badges. Some of the HOF Badges include Downhill, Slithery Finisher, Showtime, Giant Slayer, Tear Dropper, Fancy Footwork, and Trapper.

Of course, as you evolve Cunningham, those Bronze badges should become better, evolving into Gold or HOF level. He can ultimately become a Galaxy Opal.

Keep in mind both the NBA 2K20 Promo Super Packs and the new Billy Cunningham EVO card are both limited-time items, so it’s best to go after them as soon as possible.

In addition to the above content drops, 2K keeps releasing new locker codes including this one that gives a chance at Michael Jordan or Andrew Bogut.

Meanwhile, Thursday night will bring more entertainment for NBA and 2K fans. That’s’ because the 2K Players Tournament schedule features the quarterfinals round on ESPN2. Just eight players remain in the competition to crown a champ and give big prize money to charity.

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