NBA 2K20 Soundtrack Competition to Feature New Artists, 2K’s New Gear Partners Revealed

With Saturday’s ComplexCon Chicago 2019, NBA 2K20 brought out plenty of big reveals for their upcoming basketball title. Not only did they reveal their entire 30-song NBA 2K20 soundtrack, but also a few interesting additions with it. The 2K group also brought forth an announcement regarding the new NBA 2K20 gear that will be associated with the game starting this September.

NBA 2K20 Soundtrack will feature new artists’ work

Saturday brought word of all the artists and songs on the NBA 2K20 soundtrack including Drake, Travis Scott, Nipsey Hussle, and more. One of the other big announcements from ComplexCon Chicago is that there will be brand new artists with work featured on this year’s NBA 2K20 soundtrack.

2K revealed this year’s collaboration is with UnitedMasters, a music platform founded by Steve Stoute in 2017. Through that platform, independent artists are able to be discovered and hook up with streaming services. They can also become involved with major companies including Bose, iHeart, and the NBA. That’s where NBA 2K20 comes in.

UnitedMasters, the 2K20 soundtrack curator, will begin a competition as of August 1 where independent artists can submit their beats for consideration. To enter, get the UnitedMasters app via iTunes App Store at the link here and submit those tracks. It’s a great new initiative to expand the music catalog for the NBA 2K20 game while helping new artists emerge on the scene.

NBA 2K’s new gear partnerships revealed

One of the popular aspects of the 2K game with 2K19 is the ability to create and customize MyPlayer characters. Gamers were able to acquire all sorts of fresh gear for that character to give them a unique style on and off the courts in the Neighborhood or other areas. As of Saturday, NBA 2K20 also announced the new gear brands that will appear in their new basketball title.

The news of some of the new brands added to NBA 2K20 brought mixed comments from fans. There are those calling the addition of Sprayground brand a major win. Others are criticizing 2K for getting more sponsorship deals. Other gamers are speculating on how expensive some of the new gear will cost in terms of Virtual Currency.

The addition of UnitedMasters’ competition for emerging artists and the new NBA 2K20 gear keeps the game intertwined with culture. Based on the developments, it seems NBA 2K will continue evolving in new ways aside from being a basketball simulation.

The new NBA 2K20 game hits PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PCs as of September 6, 2019. Get more of our NBA 2K news here.