NBA 2K21 Roster and Ratings Update: Trade Deadline 2021 Features Nikola Vucevic, Aaron Gordon Moves

Following the 2021 NBA trade deadline, an NBA 2K21 roster and roster update arrived in the basketball sim game. While there weren’t too many groundbreaking deals featuring All-Stars, several teams upgraded their rosters. Teams that made key moves ahead of potential playoff runs included the Chicago Bulls, Denver Nuggets, Boston Celtics, and Miami Heat. Among the players headed to new locations are All-Star Nikola Vucevic, former All-Star Victor Oladipo, and slam dunk contest star Aaron Gordon.

NBA 2K21 roster update: Vucevic, Oladipo join new teams

Upon logging into NBA 2K21 on most consoles, gamers should get an update. It may require a few moments to install but will give the NBA 2K21 roster update for teams. It’ll add Nikola Vucevic to the Chicago Bulls, where the 87-rated forward becomes the second-best player in the starting five. He joins fellow 2021 All-Star Zach Lavine (88 OVR) as the Bulls hope they can make a push for the playoffs this season.

The Miami Heat added former NBA All-Star Victor Oladipo to their lineup so he can provide additional scoring and experience for the postseason. Oladipo carries just an 81 OVR in the game, but joins a lineup that boasts Jimmy Butler (91 OVR), Bam Adebayo (87 OVR), and Kendrick Nunn (76 OVR). It’s believed this will be a trial run for the Heat with Oladipo who can decide whether or not they want to pay to keep him on beyond this season.

The NBA 2K Instagram account shared first-look images of several of the traded players in their new team jerseys. Also featured below are Rajon Rondo with the Clippers, George Hill with the Sixers, and JaVale McGee on the Nuggets.

Denver Nuggets, Boston Celtics also boost rosters

The Denver Nuggets were one of the top teams in the Western Conference last season and returned a talented roster for 2021. However, they made a move ahead of the deadline to add Aaron Gordon from the Orlando Magic. Not only can he provide additional scoring, but could help defend stars like LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George come playoff time.

Gordon is currently an 80 overall and the NBA 2K21 roster update gave Denver a serious boost. Their starting five currently includes Jamal Murray, Will Barton, Michael Porter Jr., and Nikola Jokic. In addition to adding the former Slam Dunk contest star, they also picked up big man JaVale McGee.

Meanwhile, the Eastern Conference looked like it might be the Boston Celtics for many seasons, but things haven’t worked out for their roster. They’re still amongst a team that will factor into the postseason, though.

Before the 2021 trade deadline, they were able to add the experienced Evan Fournier to their roster. He brings an 83 overall rating to the starting five which features Kemba Walker, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and Tristan Thompson.

For those wondering, the Celtics, Nuggets, and Heat all improved their team ratings with the recent deals. According to, the three teams are now at 82 OVR in the video game. That’s second-best and tied with other squads such as the Clippers, Warriors, and Bucks.

However, the Brooklyn Nets continue to reign supreme, boasting an 85, the best of any squad. Will they capture the title in 2021 though?

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