NBA 2K22 Clutch Time: New Game Mode Coming to MyTeam Season 3

When NBA 2K22’s MyTeam Season 3 arrives in the next week, a brand new game mode will be available to play. It’s called NBA 2K22 Clutch Time and features a new style of play with exclusive rewards up for grabs. A preview of the mode recently arrived, giving details about what it includes. Here’s what you need to know ahead of the Clutch Time mode’s release in Season 3.

NBA 2K22 Clutch Time revealed during 2KTV’s 300th episode

Just recently, the 300th episode of NBA 2KTV arrived featuring Alexis Morgan. She also brought on her co-host Chris Manning, who’d been absent from the past several episodes. He revealed he was recovering from a kidney and pancreas transplant at the moment. Chris shared that he’d been diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure at the start of his 2KTV career. Over the past two years, he’d been doing what he could to change his diet and be healthier.

With Chris’ appearance in the 300th episode also came big news regarding a new mode for MyTeam. He introduced the new NBA 2K22 Clutch Time mode, which is set to arrive in Season 3 of MyTeam. The mode will feature fast-paced games of five-on-five. The backdrop will be a gorgeous mural featuring some of the NBA’s best all-time clutch players. They’ll include 2K22 cover star Luka Doncic, Steph Curry, and of course, Michael Jordan.

Based on Alexis’ description in the 2KTV video (below), the Clutch Time games take place in the fourth quarter with five minutes on the clock. Your team also consists of the five players you bring to the matchup, with no bench players to help out.

Mode adds four-point line when Season 3 drops

Another new aspect with the Clutch Time mode will be a four-point line. This will allow gamers to narrow the gap in these fast-paced games by hitting the long-distance shots worth four, rather than just three. Hitting a stretch of fours will be a quick way to add points and could really help out in the clutch. However, it’ll likely mean finding the best long-range shooters to do that. Will certain long-range bombers be better four-point shooters? Time will tell!

The exclusive rewards have yet to be revealed for the new mode but are likely to include high-rated player items that aren’t available elsewhere in MyTeam.

The official date for NBA 2K22 Clutch Time to arrive in-game is Friday, December 3. That’s when MyTeam Season 3 officially launches. We’ve yet to see what Season 3’s new theme is to follow up MyTeam Season 2: Build Your Empire. However, this new mode promises some new exclusive rewards and should make for an entertaining addition to the MyTeam options.

As of this report, Season 2 is down to six days for players to earn various Level Rewards. Level 40 features a Pink Diamond Kevin Garnett. Stay tuned for full details on what’s available with MyTeam Season 3 in terms of Level Rewards, packs, player cards, and more.

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