NBA 2K22 MyCareer Mode: The City Trailer and Neighborhood Details Arrive

In the NBA 2K22 MyCareer mode, gamers create their own custom player to progress through an in-game story, gaining attribute boosts, virtual currency, and notoriety. It also incorporates a sprawling online community where gamers’ avatars can explore, interact, shop, and compete.

The City trailer officially debuted on Tuesday, September 7 showing off the story and online community for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. In addition, more details have arrived about the MyCareer mode. That includes a preview of what to expect with the Neighborhood for previous-generation consoles.

The City trailer previews NBA 2K22 MyCareer for PS5, Xbox Series consoles

With a new trailer checking in at under two minutes, gamers can get a look at NBA 2K22 MyCareer mode. MyCareer is where gamers create a MyPlayer, which is a customized avatar with specific traits and attributes that they work to improve. In 2K22, the main character will be MP.

In past editions of NBA 2K, gamers would guide this player through a story in the game, sort of like a movie. It included interactions with coaches, teammates, media, scouts, trainers, and other personalities. That will mostly be the same, with a major change.

This year’s version of the mode is set to take place completely within The City, making for a unique experience. It will feature different Quests, some of which are central to MyCareer and others which are described as side Quests.

In a new Courtside Report giving details for the mode, they describe MyCareer as more like an adventure and less like a movie this year. Gamers will find the mode similar to RPGs as they get to choose who to interact with.

Among the side Quests, gamers can explore music and fashion opportunities. VGR previously reported about 2K22’s side career in hip-hop. In addition, they can build a Personal Brand with their MyPlayer in this year’s mode. That Personal Brand will gain special boosts and opportunities.

The City will be the online community exclusive to the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X or S consoles. Meanwhile, gamers with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, or other last-gen consoles will be participating in The Neighborhood.

The Neighborhood features basketball via cruise ship

While PS5 and Xbox Series X/S gamers get The City, those with the Nintendo Switch, PCs, PS4, or Xbox One will have The Neighborhood. This year’s version of that mode gets a unique look as it will take place aboard a cruise ship called the Cancha del Mar. An image from the top deck appears below with gamers participating in 3v3.

The cruise ship will travel to various locations and make stops. Based on the Courtside Report, NBA 2K22 Seasons will feature what’s called Excursions. These special trips to different locations throughout the year let gamers explore new areas, participate in challenges, and more.

The Neighborhood cruise ship brings back many of the aspects of MyCareer that gamers enjoy. They’ll include 2v2, 3v3, Gatorade Training Facility, Pro-Am, and Daily Spin. A few new additions are on the higher decks. There’s a lazy river called The Moat, and a reality show called The GOAT Boat. In these areas, gamers interact with various nonplayable characters to receive challenges or rewards.

2K unveiled a number of different YouTube video clips which preview the lobby, MyCourt, and top deck areas of the Neighborhood’s cruise ship. Check them out at the official Courtside Report, along with more details about how the mode will work.

NBA 2K22 launches Friday, September 10 for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PCs.

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