NBA 2K23 Guide and Everything We Know So Far

We are getting closer and closer to the release of NBA 2K23. While we look forward to the new game, let’s go over what we know so far about the release date, pre-orders, features and more in our NBA 2K23 guide.

When Can We Expect the first NBA 2K23 Trailer?

There are already a couple of mini-trailers you can watch for NBA 2K23 below.

What about a trailer that shows off some gameplay? Based on the timing from previous years, we expect it to show up at some point during the first half of July. We are already almost halfway through July, so that means it could show up any day now.

What is the NBA 2K23 Release Date?

The release date for all editions of NBA 2K23 is September 9th worldwide. In fact, you can pre-order the game now.

Are There NBA 2K23 Pre-Order Rewards?

Yes. At a minimum, you will receive the following extras when you pre-order NBA 2K23, regardless of the edition you choose:

  • 5,000 Virtual Currency
  • 5,000 MyTEAM Points
  • 10 MyTEAM Promo Packs (delivered one a week)
  • A Boost for each MyCAREER Skill type
  • A Boost for each Gatorade Boost type
  • Devin Booker MyPLAYER Jersey
  • 95 Rated Devin Booker MyTEAM Free Agent Card

Some editions feature other pre-order rewards as well, so be sure to look carefully through the options before you choose yours.

Who Will Be the NBA 2K23 Cover Star?

The cover athlete for the NBA 2K23 Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition is Devin Booker. The covers of the NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition and the “ultra-premium” NBA 2K23 Championship Edition will feature Michael Jordan. Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi will appear on the cover of the NBA 2K23 WNBA Edition.

Who Can We Expect to Top the NBA 2K23 Ratings List?

While we do not yet know who will top the ratings list, we can make predictions. Here is what we might expect going by what BetUS is offering:

  • Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets) – 97
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks) – 97
  • LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers) – 96
  • Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) – 96
  • Kawhi Leonard (Los Angeles Clippers) – 96
  • Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets) – 96
  • Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers) – 96
  • James Harden (Philadelphia 76ers) – 96
  • Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks) – 96
  • Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers) – 94

What’s on the NBA 2K23 Features Wishlist?

Players have a broad list of improvements they want to see in the next game, including changes to shooting, speed, and defense. Whether Visual Concepts will take any of these ideas onboard, we will just have to wait to find out.

Will We See NBA 2K23 Cross-Play?

There is no direct indication that Visual Concepts will be implementing cross-play for NBA 2K23. EA has been getting into it, however, so it stands to reason Visual Concepts may not be far behind. So, could we see cross-play in NBA 2K23? Maybe. But we think it probably will not happen until NBA 2K24.

That wraps up our NBA 2K23 guide. As more news releases about the game, you can check our NBA 2K section to follow along. Get your pre-order in now so you can look forward to the best NBA 2K23 experience.