New EA Sports UFC 3 Updates Offer New Fighters, Improved Gameplay

Several new EA Sports UFC 3 updates have arrived for the game. Reportedly, EA released a new update on Thursday (Aug. 30) with some finetuning to help improve gameplay. In addition, there have been several fixes made for reported crashes in the UFC mixed martial arts game. There were also several new fighters and moves that another update added to the MMA title over the past week.

According to the Gear Nuke website, the latest UFC 3 update (1.10) checks in at approximately 1.5 gigabytes. EA tweaked a few things for gameplay tuning. They slowed down the single collar attempt animation just a bit, while its denial window increased by 10 frames. The Cage Over Under clinch attempt also had its denial window reduced by 14 frames to make the gameplay smoother. More or less, players should now see a smoother game with these tweaks.

EA also fixed three unique game crashes in the latest update. One of the fixes was for a crash that was happening during Event Mode as players selected specific fighters from combined weight class groups (Heavyweight & Women’s Divisions). The other two fixes patched up crashes that occurred with Ultimate Team’s packs containing more than five items.

EA Sports UFC 3 Update #8 (Aug. 30)

The latest update is a minor one for the most part. Less than a week ago, new fighters were added to the roster via UFC 3 update #8, per True Achievements. The eighth update included Heavyweight Tai Tuivasa, Middleweight David Branch, and Featherweight Zabit Magomedsharipov. In addition, they added some new moves to the game such as a “Finish the Fight Position” for knocking down opponents when their back was near the cage. Also, players now have “Active Knockdowns.”

The UFC 3 update #8 also included new signature techniques for Magomedsharipov and Justin Gaethje in addition to some gameplay tweaks. All of the notes are available at EA Sports website for the UFC 3 updates.

The UFC 3 game has achieved decent ratings through various websites including IGN, Polygon, and GameSpot. All of these sites have given it at least a 7.5 out of 10. The MMA title is currently available for Xbox and PlayStation gamers to check out all of the latest updates.