New ESO Plus Free Trial Announced for Mid-November

ZeniMax Online Studios has announced a new and upcoming ESO Plus free trial which will be available to players of The Elder Scrolls: Online. The week-long trial will give players a chance to try out the benefits of the ESO Plus service, which among other things, gives players free access to all of the game’s DLC.

When is the Upcoming ESO Plus Free Trial?

“Curious about ESO Plus?” says the news post which announced the free trial; “You can check out select ESO Plus benefits during the upcoming free trial with no strings attached! If you’re already a member, learn about the all-new rewards coming for all existing ESO Plus members.”

ESO Plus Will be Free for One Week

The new ESO Plus “Bonus Event” will begin on the 15th of November at 3:00 PM GMT. It will continue until the 21st of November at 3:00 PM GMT as well. Throughout the free trial, players of The Elder Scrolls: Online will be able to try out benefits of the service. Perhaps the biggest of these aspects is full and free access to all of the game’s DLC expansions. Specifically, this includes the Clockwork City, Dark Brotherhood, Dragon Bones, Horns of the Reach, Imperial City, Morrowind, Orsinium, Shadows of the Hist, Thieves Guild, and Wolfhunter expansions. It also includes the recently released Murkmire DLC. Players should note that only the zone and story aspects of Morrowind will be available.

The additional benefits in the free trial include access to a Craft Bag with unlimited crafting material storage, double space in Banks, and the ability to dye costumes. Players will also gain a 10% increase to Gold and Experience, Crafting Inspiration, and Trait Research rates. In addition, participants gain double Transmute Crystal storage and double the amount of Furnishings and Collectables space in houses. The monthly crown stipend benefit of ESO Plus will not be available to trial participants.