New Madden 20 Update 1.29 Arrives: Here’s What the April Title Update Fixed

As of Wednesday, April 8, EA developers released a new Madden 20 update which is Version 1.29. It’s one of the smaller updates we’ve seen throughout the game’s run, fixing just a few things, but some that we can take a closer look at. So here’s what the April title update brings to the Madden 20 game.

New Madden 20 update brings gameplay updates

The latest Madden title update should copy and install upon launching the game on your console of choice. Along with general stability improvements, this new Madden 20 update for early April features just two gameplay updates. They gave the brief details in their latest Gridiron Notes.

The first thing the update addressed was to fix an issue where defenders could get into the backfield unblocked in certain defensive formations. One example the EA dev team pointed out was the Nickel 2-4-5 Odd.

The second gameplay fix comes for the Superstar Ability known as Nasty Streak. Apparently, gamers were able to use this on out of position players. EA’s dev team made sure that’s no longer the case.

While those fixes arrived, many members of the gaming community are still frustrated by one glaring issue. There’s an inability to download community files right now that plenty of people have been bugging EA’s dev team to address. Hopefully that will happen in the coming weeks along with some sort of update for Franchise mode.

What else is going on in Madden right now?

All sports are currently on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, while the NFL offseason was going on as it started. Many fans are hoping life returns to somewhat normal and maybe the NFL season will start as planned. That means Madden 21 for some gamers later this year.

Until that, Madden 20 has a new Color Smash program going on. The promotion features Candy, Tie-Dye LTD players, Masters, and Eggs to crack open on Easter. There’s also a limited-time House Rules going on as part of it.

The weekends have brought us new Ultimate Legends, so we’re definitely anticipating those releases in the coming weeks. We’ve recently seen some great star players get new upgraded cards including Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders. Stay tuned as more items arrive for Ultimate Team and other promotions!


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