New Pink Mercy Skin Supports Breast Cancer Research

Overwatch is now promoting a new Pink Mercy skin that turns the healer into a proper magical girl with glittering sounds to boot. It is a charity skin, with all proceeds going toward breast cancer research.

The skin costs $15 and is available for purchase until May 21. All of the money earned from this skin will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Though it is a bit on the pricey side, players have the awesome opportunity to support a good cause with the added bonus of a new look and new sounds for Mercy.

The new skin gives Mercy long, blonde pigtails topped with a metallic cown, as well as pink and silver wings. She is wearing a pink bodysuit and her Caduceus Staff and weapon have also received fabulous makeovers.

Pink Mercy isn’t just skin deep. She actually has all new sound effects that make her glitter and sparkle like Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon is the most prominent international magical girl title, which is a genre of manga and anime created in Japan. Sailor Moon sees a group of feminine teenage girls using their superpowers to fight evil.

The magical girl genre of course expands beyond this one example, but it is always focused on extremely powerful girls with magical powers.

The Pink Mercy skin features quite a few new sounds for healing, resurrecting and even simply equipping the skin in theĀ  menu.

The skin was introduced to Overwatch on May 8 and will be available for players to purchase until May 21. The Overwatch team also released a video with a special message from game director Jeff Kaplan.

“Breast cancer is the most common cancer that affects women,” Kaplan said. “Many of us on the Overwatch team have friends and family that have been personally affected by this devastating disease … We know how motivated and inspirational the gaming community can be, and we would love to see you join us in this effort.”

Choosing Mercy for this special charity skin seems more than appropriate, as Mercy is known for her compassion and drive to help and heal her companions. She is a Swiss field medic, technologically advanced scientist and is known as a “peerless healer.”

Blizzard will also have pink t-shirts available on their gear store for a limited time and will be hosting charity streams that will provide opportunity for players to unlock sprays and player icons, all in support of BCRF. Blizzard will share how much money has been raised at the end of the campaign.