New Sega Genesis Game “Tanglewood” Coming To Steam

Tanglewood is a brand new Sega Genesis game that began its life as a Kickstarter campaign in 2016, and quickly reached its goal. And now it seems the game is finally seeing release, with an actual physical cartridge being produced and a digital release having just come out on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.


The game, which has been coded in raw assembly language using an actual Sega Genesis dev kit, is described as a mix between “Another World” and “The Lion King”, and is a platformer with some puzzle elements. It follows a young creature named Nymn who, after getting separated from her pack after sunset, has to navigate the forest on her own and brave the dangers that lurk in the night. She can also gain additional abilities from “Fuzzls”, little fuzzy creatures that have gotten lost and would like to be returned to their homes.

It features fluid animations, as well as a full soundtrack by composer Nathan Stanley aka freezedream.

Make sure to give the free demo a try on Steam, where the game is currently priced at around $15.

You can also visit the Tanglewood website for info on the game and for pre-ordering the game cartridge.