New Valorant Agent ‘Killjoy’ Revealed by Riot Games

Valorant Act I will soon be coming to an end, and with the impending launch of Act II, Riot Games today revealed that an all-new Agent will be coming to the game. This upcoming Valorant Agent is Killjoy, a tech specialist with an array of robotic gadgets at her disposal.

The Upcoming Valorant Agent: Killjoy

“Killjoy arrives in VALORANT Act II,” writes Riot; “The latest Agent is a genius inventor that brings the chill of the Berlin nightlife and deploys her killer tech for some potent defensive impact. Outsmart your opponents or lock down an area for a stress-free Spike plant.”

Valorant Act I will officially end at 14:00 PST on the 4th of August, next week. Riot Games have yet to confirm exactly when Valorant Act II will begin, but a safe bet would be that the new Act will begin relatively quickly; either almost immediately or within a few days. The new Act will bring with it some rank and competitive changes, but now fans can also look forward to the addition of a new Agent. Killjoy will be the second new Agent to come to the game post-launch. The first, Reyna, was released around two months ago, shortly after the game left beta.

Valorant Agent Killjoy Announced by Riot

Riot Games has yet to release official details about Killjoy’s playstyle and abilities. However, today’s teaser trailer does give fans a look at what the new Agent will be able to do. She is able to deploy a machine gun turret, for example, as well as an ‘Alarmbot’ which appears to alert the player to nearby enemies. In addition, she can deploy some sort of bubble device, although it’s currently unclear what purpose this serves in-game. Fans likely won’t have to wait long to find out, however. Valorant Act II could well launch in less than a week, and besides, Riot may release more details before Killjoy comes to the game anyhow.