New Video Showcases the Upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 Weapons

The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 is now – after a couple of delays – only a few months away. As the Night City Wire series continues, CD Projekt Red has been giving fans a deeper look into some of the mechanics and features waiting for them when the game releases. In their latest episode, the studio offered a brief showcase of some of the Cyberpunk 2077 weapons…

Cyberpunk 2077 Weapons: Types & Examples

Previous gameplay trailers have given fans a glimpse at some of the Cyberpunk 2077 weapons. However, CD Projekt Red has never offered a comprehensive breakdown of the weapon types. While it’s possible that some types didn’t feature in the video, the ones that were shown include Cyberware, Melee Weapons, Smart Weapons, Power Weapons, Tech Weapons, Throwables, Weapon Mods, and Attachments.

Of these categories, only a handful of individual weapons were shown off. However, each one was particularly impressive. First up, the Tsunami Nekomata (Tech Weapon) is a semi-automatic chargeable sniper rifle powerful enough to shoot through concrete walls. After that, players got a glimpse of the Carnage (Power Weapon); a pump-action shotgun featuring 4 gauge buckshot. As the showcase demonstrates, this weapon packs a real punch. Indeed, most Power Weapons seem to be very heavy-duty solid-shot firearms, while Tech Weapons seem more precise.

Cyberpunk 2077 Weapons Night City Wire 2

Smart Weapons, on the other hand, boast a very impressive feature; homing bullets. Here, fans got to see the TKI-20 Shingen, a burst-fire SMG which fires micro guided missiles. The video also showed a homing sniper rifle and an 8-barrel Smart shotgun capable of clearing entire rooms in a single blast. After that, CD Projekt Red moved on to a classic; the Thermal Katana (Melee Weapon). Edged with a heated nano-filament blade, this sword tore through a range of enemies.

From there, CD Projekt Red gave very brief glimpses of three Cyberware weapons; the Mantis Blades, which have featured in previous gameplay trailers, the Gorilla Arms, and the Projectile Launch System. The only areas which CD Projekt Red didn’t show off in this video were Throwables, Weapon Mods, and Attachments. However, with the launch coming in just a few months, gamers shouldn’t have to wait too long to see the rest.