Newest Fortnite Datamine Reveals Moth Meme Reference

If you’ve been playing Fortnite for any length of time, you know that we find out about many of the new items and features coming to the game shortly before they become available. This is thanks to the work of dataminers. In the latest leak, we’ve caught a glimpse of some new emotes coming to the game along with some new cosmetics. There is even a reference to the now-legendary Moth Meme.

The Leak Showed Us Even Fortnite Is Obsessed With the Moth Meme

You can get a look at the upcoming cosmetics in the images below:

New cosmetics are coming to Fortnite.

Yep. That is a lamp. With moths around it. You probably know the reference. If you do not, we recommend you run a quick search and get in the loop. You can then appreciate this new item in all its awesomeness.

Cool New Emotes Are Also on the Way

That is not all the leak revealed either. We also got a look at some emotes which should be on the way soon:

We’ll soon be using these new emotes in Fortnite.

Remember, none of this is official. Datamines like these are usually pretty reliable. But there is nothing to stop Epic from deciding to make some changes before releasing new items and emotes. So just keep that in mind.

These leaks came from the files associated with the v6.31 update. That update has brought a lot of exciting new features to the game, including a brand new Tournament a new Limited Time mode. Also available now are Epic and Legendary Pump Shotguns. And did you know that for a limited time, Gifting is possible in Fortnite? Get caught up on these new features, and enjoy the excitement they bring!