Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 6.00 Leaks, Hints At NES and SNES Controller Support and More

The Nintendo Switch firmware update 6.00 has leaked, giving us an idea of what to expect for the next major console update in the future. The leaks hint at a wide variety of new features and changes including NES and SNES controller support on the way, support for the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online Service, and so much more.

The leaked details for the Nintendo Switch firmware update 6.00 come from Reddit user OatmealDome earlier this morning. According to the user, Nintendo has uploaded the upcoming major update to its servers recently. This has allowed for various Switch hackers to discover the update and sift through everything that’s contained within it.

The Nintendo Switch firmware update 6.00 will reportedly come with a ton of new changes and features, potentially around the same time as the Nintendo Switch Online Service start date next month. This is because the update includes references to the service with a slogan that is rumored to be “More Games. More Features. More Fun.”

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In addition, the save data backup feature that has been long-requested from Switch owners will supposedly come to the console finally alongside the Nintendo Switch firmware update 6.00. In addition to new features regarding the Nintendo Switch Online Service, there are hints that the Switch will have new controller support.

There are reportedly new controller icons for the Famicom/NES controller and for the Super Famicom/SNES controller. Given the fact that the Nintendo Switch Online Service will feature an assortment of free NES titles at launch, it could be that Nintendo will release new official NES controllers that will connect to the console directly.

Lastly, there are a couple of other minor details that have reportedly been data mined from the┬áNintendo Switch firmware update 6.00. There are new Toad-themed icons for players to choose from, as well as protection against Switch exploits like the unreleased “Deja Vu.” Make sure to stay tuned here to find out if these leaks are indeed true.