Dual Universe Soundtrack Creation Process Shared by Novaquark

Novaquark has recently unveiled a new behind the scenes video to drive up interest towards their game Dual Universe. The video shares the method the game’s composer used to create the sci-fi composition of the game’s soundtrack. In addition, he also brings up his inspirations and history with orchestral and electronic music.

Dual Universe game is an upcoming civilization-building MMORPG. It takes place after the destruction of Earth as humanity reaches to the stars, colonizing new planets as a means of ensuring its continued survival. In addition, the game will also focus on its atmosphere and resource management.

Dual Universe’s Soundtrack shows a Professional Mix Between Electronic and Orchestra

Dual Universe's soundtrack creation process was revealed by Novaquark

The focus of the game’s soundtrack centers around electronic and orchestral music. Additionally, the main objective was to bring to life this duality between the existential crisis facing humanity and the futuristic drive behind this universe of science fiction technology. As such, the soundtrack has to bring the best of both worlds. Because of this, Novaquark had to find a great composer and Maxime Ferrieu was the right man for the job.

Maxime Ferrieu is the main composer behind Dual Universe’s soundtrack. He’s a graduate of Paris’ ISART Digital in music and sound design who started a career as a freelancer. Afterward, in 2014, he was found by the development team at Novaquark to develop the music for the game. As such, one fateful day in 2014, he was asked to help compose the music for Dual Universe.

Thir brings us to the video published by Novaquark about the creation process behind Dual Universe’s soundtrack. In it, we hear about Maxime’s inspiration and history with soundtrack compositions and how relevant it was to Dual Universe. Furthermore, he also talks about how important the soundtrack is to the game as a whole. You can look at the video below:

Dual Universe is available right now in its Alpha 1 phase. You can sign up to play on the game’s website. What do you think about Dual Universe’s soundtrack? Are you going to participate during the Alpha periods? What do you think about the game’s composer? Let us know your thoughts on the VGR Forums and stay tuned for more news and updates.