One Week Until DOOM Eternal’s Gameplay Reveal

The countdown started one month ago, and it is unbelievable that we are now one week from QuakeCon–one week before we watch the official gameplay reveal of the next additional DOOM title, DOOM Eternal. Bethesda has been counting down the days in their official DOOM Twitter account, not letting fans forget about this huge reveal. But who would have forgotten about such an event?

Id Software announced the arrival of the next DOOM title in June during E3 2018, showcasing a teaser trailer. They quickly went ahead to inform the fans that the reveal of the game’s gameplay is going to happen at this year’s QuakeCon. Of course, they have already set the date when the reveal is going to take place, and that is Friday, August 10 at 11 am CT/12pm ET.

There is finally only one week left until the gameplay reveal. Also, DOOM’s official Twitter account went ahead yesterday and informed the community about that fact. The gameplay reveal countdown has been going on for a month, but it is more exciting to watch it coming down to just one week.

“The DOOM Slayer returns. Watch live as we unleash the world premiere of #DOOM Eternal gameplay on Friday, August 10 at 11 am CT/12pm ET. Don’t miss the action-packed reveal of the sequel of DOOM, presented by id Software.”

It is even more than exciting to have DOOM Slayer back in this DOOM sequel. The game is DOOM 2016’s sequel, and it will take up from where that left off. All we know from its official teaser trailer is that Hell will come to Earth. Moreover, we saw some familiar enemies during the teaser too. Pain Elementals, Arachnotrons, and Arch-Viles are making their comeback in DOOM Eternal.

QuakeCon 2018 will run from August 9 to August 12 in Dallas, Texas. The DOOM Eternal gameplay will be live-streamed for every one of you who cannot make it to the main event. Stay tuned next Friday to see what DOOM Eternal’s gameplay is all about.