New Operator Stryker is Now Available in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Launching as the latest New Operator of Season 5, Stryker is now available to play as in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Players can claim this exemplary NATO Operator through a new in-store Tracer Pack. As per usual, this bundle features two new Legendary Weapon Blueprints, along with the usual selection of themed cosmetics.

New Black Ops Cold War Operator – Stryker

Colton “Stryker” Greenfield is an American Operator fighting on the side of NATO. In fact, this former US Army Ranger is a founding member of the CIA’s new Special Activities Division Special Operations Group (SAD/SOG) task force. Indeed, according to Treyarch, Stryker’s “dedication to excellence borders on obsession,” and his use of cutting-edge technology and expert knowledge of military theory make him “the first true super soldier.”

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Operator Stryker 2

“While his peers filled their downtime with football and drinking,” writes Treyarch; “Stryker was often found obsessively maintaining his equipment or reading his battered copy of Clausewitz. […] Pairing his exemplary service record with his deep theoretical understanding of warfare and the soldier’s place in it, Stryker was declared a prime candidate for the groundbreaking CIA [REDACTED] task force. Agency leaders have described him as the future of American warfare, and many consider him the country’s first true super-soldier.”

As a result of releasing mid-season, players must purchase Stryker’s Tracer Pack store bundle to unlock him. In addition to Stryker himself, this bundle includes two Legendary Weapon Blueprints, the “Shuttle Blast” Assault RIfle and “Solid Effort” Shotgun, and a range of extra cosmetic items. Indeed, both of these Blueprints feature Red Tracer Fire. The bundle also contains the default Stryker Operator Skin, called “Interference”. Alongside the primary contents, the Stryker bundle contains the following items:

  • “Road Rash” Finishing Move
  • “Fringe” Reticle
  • “Battle Focus” Animated Calling Card
  • “Detonator” Charm
  • “.50 Cal Flip” Gesture
  • “Fire Away” Emblem