Overwatch: These Players Remade ‘Dragons’ Cinematic In-Game

Overwatch was first revealed back in 2014. Since then, Blizzard Entertainment has released several Cinematic Trailers for the game revealing some of the in-game heroes’ back storyline. There are some good Overwatch Cinematic trailers like Honor and Glory, Reunion, Alive and, Shooting Star. But we all know that there’s no match for the Hanzo and Genji Cinematic Story Trailer called Dragons. It shows off the uniqueness of Japanese Culture with the blend of some amazing fight scenes too.

Overwatch Dragons Cinematic

Since the release of Overwatch, Blizzard has added a total of 31 Heroes in the game. Sigma is the latest addition to the game, he is a Tank Role hero and is very difficult to master (according to Overwatch website). Here’s every weapon and ability for this new tank:

Hyperspheres: Sigma launches two gravitic charges, which bounce off walls and implode after a short duration, damaging enemies within a sizable radius.

Experimental Barrier: Sigma propels a floating barrier to a location of his choosing. He can dismiss the barrier at any time.

Kinetic Grasp: Sigma freezes incoming projectiles in midair, converting them into shields.

Accretion: Sigma gathers a mass of debris and flings it at an enemy to knock them down.

Gravitic Flux: Unleashing his full powers, Sigma takes flight, lifts enemies in a targeted area, and launches them into the sky before slamming them back down.

Dragons Cinematic Trailer Remade

Recently on YouTube, this player and his team have recreated the Dragons Cinematic Trailer completely in-game. Watching Hanzo’s face animations and Soldier: 76 bumping in the bell and killing himself is quite hilarious. Watch is here:

Recent reports show Overwatch passing $1 Billion in revenue from in-game items (loot boxes etc). This only includes in-game cosmetics and not the merchandise sales etc.

There have been some rumors of Overwatch adopting the Free-to-Play model like other AAA titles like Destiny. Though, there’s not much leaked after the rumor was surfaced. Learn everything about it here.