Persona 5 Switch Release Date: Is It Coming to Switch?

Persona 5 was quite easily one of the game-changers in terms of JRPG’s and RPG’s. As such, there’s no surprise that players are clamoring for a Persona 5 Switch version. In fact, there are many websites that even hailed it as their Game of the Year for 2017. Well, it looks like it might actually be coming to the hybrid system.

If you didn’t already know, there were leaks last night (April 2, 2019) that hinted towards this release. But is Persona 5 Switch really happening? That’s the question that we need to answer. And if so, what’s the release date for this highly anticipated version? Without further ado, let’s don our best Phantom Thief outfit and figure it out.

persona 5 switch best buy p5s release date

For starters, let’s go over what we know about the Persona 5 Switch Best Buy leak last night. Essentially, Best Buy put up a few unannounced games on the website including P5S. This is a second Persona 5 game that is going to be announced at the end of this month. What makes it even juicier is that the list says it is for Nintendo Switch.

Now, this could be just speculation on Best Buy’s part as to what P5S is, but we do think that this is likely the case. If it is real then when do we expect a Persona 5 Switch release date? Well, The Royal version for PS4 is this fall so we expect the Switch version to be this fall as well. However, since it may not include the extras, it could release sooner.

In addition, we still don’t know the release date for Persona 5 protagonist Joker in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. We know it releases by the end of April so the announcement on April 25 could be when we see the character’s release and an announcement on the Switch version of this beloved JRPG. Stay tuned for that later this month right here.