PGA Tour 2K23 Review

If you’re hankering for a realistic golf experience that gives you precision control over your approach, PGA Tour 2K23 is going to wow you with its great mechanics and beautiful visuals. I had a chance to try the PGA Tour 2K23 Tiger Woods Edition. In this PGA Tour 2K23 review, I will share my impressions with you, breaking down the gameplay, graphics, and overall features. Let’s dive in.

PGA Tour 2K23 Gameplay

The development cycle for this golf game was two years. So, my expectations were high; that is twice as long as the cycle I am used to for a lot of other sports games (for example, the NBA 2K series). I am pleased to say that the development team more than delivered.

If you have played previous installments in the PGA Tour 2K series (and The Golf Club, as it was called prior to 2020), then you are no doubt familiar with the analogue swing system. As rewarding as this system is, it is not for everyone. If you find it too tough to use, you will be excited by the three-click system that is new in this game. As the name implies, you can click three times to set the power, angle and swing path for your shot.

In the long run, you will probably get the most out of PGA Tour 2K23 if you do use the analogue swing system, since that is the most realistic way to experience this golfing simulation. But the three-click system is more accessible for beginners. Regardless, just having a choice between the two is awesome, and should make PGA Tour 2K23 more enjoyable for a broader range of players.

In terms of other changes, the Splash Shot was removed from the game. But there is a brand-new Punch Shot that can help you get around obstacles.

Graphics and Sound

PGA Tour 2K23 is a game that looks just as beautiful as it plays. The courses are stunning to look at, deepening immersion and really making you feel like you are there. Water features are particularly well-rendered. I am also impressed by how good trees and leaves look. The game also sounds great, especially the sound effects for hitting the ball.

Any drawbacks? Well, the crowds and commentary are not so great. But these are small issues, and easy to forget all about when you are in the zone with your swings or just losing yourself in the beauty of your surroundings.

Features and Modes

MyPlayer and MyCareer modes are back in PGA Tour 2K23. You’ll have a selection of licensed pros to choose from, including (of course) Tiger Woods. In MyPlayer, you can customize your golfer’s appearance and skill trees. I spent quite some time marveling at all the options that are available.

With MyCareer, you can either start from the bottom and work your way to the top, or you can go immediately to the PGA Tour. So, again, the game is offering options for how you want to play. I certainly recommend beginning with the Q-School and making your way gradually to the PGA Tour so you can experience the full journey. While it still cannot compete with career modes in other sports games, it is a lot of fun in and of itself.

There is also a new mode in PGA Tour 2K23 called Top Golf. In this mode, you have to aim for targets. You should find it useful for practicing shooting at various distances. The game also includes the Societies and Casual modes from the previous PGA Tour 2K game.

I do recommend if you can swing it that you grab the Tiger Woods Edition of PGA Tour 2K23; it comes with the Golden Club Pack, Deluxe Edition Bonus Pack, Tiger Woods Edition Bonus Pack and Tiger Woods Signature Sunday Pack. Plus, you get three-day early access. That means if you pre-order the game right now, you can play it immediately (which is how I am able to write up this review as we speak).

Verdict: PGA Tour 2K23 Lands on the Green

Ever since getting early access to PGA Tour 2K23, it’s been just about all I’ve been doing (except for taking a break to write this review). With respect to gameplay, graphics, and overall realism, it is already a big leap ahead of its predecessor. A few minor weaknesses with presentation and MyCareer mode hold it back form being a hole-in-one, but it lands firmly on the green, and hints at what we can expect from the future of golf sim games.

For any diehard golf fan, PGA Tour 2K23 is a must-have purchase this year. PGA Tour 2K23 releases on October 14th, and is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.