Pick Up All 4 Mass Effect Games on PC for $18

If you’ve been ‘if’-ing and ‘but’-ing over whether you should get the Mass Effect games, maybe now’s the time to make a decision.  Thanks to some great deals from Black Friday, you now have the option to settle down more intimately with space. How? By purchasing all three Mass Effect games from the trilogy, as well as Mass Effect Andromeda.

Though that’s not the best part. It’s available for purchase on the PC for just $18. That’s four games for $4.50 each! A complete steal! If you’re willing to start a new sci-fi RPG adventure in a new galaxy, as well as kiss some aliens, then head on over to Amazon US now and grab yourself a code.

Mass Effect Games

Mass Effect Trilogy and Andromeda: What Makes Them Worth It?

The Mass Effect trilogy is a well-loved series of games, with players stepping into the shoes of their very own Commander Shepard. Shepard can either be a customized hero, or you can stick with the standard Shepard that is also on offer. In this trilogy, you’ll be going up against the Reapers, an enemy that will scare the pants off you, no matter how hardy you seem to be.

The Mass Effect trilogy officially ended in 2013.

As for Mass Effect Andromeda, which came out in 2017, it faced a rough reception. There are numerous reasons why it was not considered a worthy successor by some fans. But that hasn’t stopped it from being a loved diamond-in-the-rough game.

Unfortunately, while some are coming around to the game, it is far too late. While some were hoping for DLC, that hope was squashed – instead, the events afterward would be told through novels and comics. This, as expected, led to much bitterness from fans who had expected DLC. Whether Andromeda will get the sequel it deserves, remains to be seen.