PlayerUnknown Responds to Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Announcement

Today, during EA Play 2018’s lineup of game announcement, Battlefield V was confirmed, perhaps unsurprisingly, to have its own Battle Royale mode. The shooter franchise’s announcement prompted the creator of PUBG himself, Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, to comment on the situation via Twitter post, sharing what appears to be a friendly welcome to the “scene,” or perhaps a warning to not encroach on “his” territory?


The popular game dev took to Twitter to welcome the “old friend” to the Battle Royale business, in all caps, with a “less than three” heart capped at the end. His tweet seems lighthearted enough, but considering how PUBG Corp. and Greene have responded in the past to games joining in on the fun with new battle royale modes, it would make sense that he’s not too happy with Battlefield joining Call of Duty with the new mode.

Greene’s comments prompted fans to respond to him, and shortly after sharing their thoughts and riffs on the situation, found that they had in fact been banned from commenting with him or communicating with him on Twitter. It’s unclear what his true feelings are at this point with that in mind, but perhaps he’s not so pleased that another game is joining the fold.

Whatever the case may be, it’s not great news for gamers that every game seems to be going down this route now. Oversaturation of the market isn’t good for anyone, and it looks like that’s where we might be headed, going forward. At any rate, it remains to be seen if Greene will make any additional comments about what he thinks about the new battle royale modes popping up left and right. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments that come up down the line as E3 2018 is underway.