PS4 Players Are Just Now Learning How to View Hidden Trophies

You may be aware that in 2016, Sony added a feature to the PlayStation 4 which awards hidden trophies to users. While these trophies are present in the trophy lists, it has never been obvious how to see them. But now, a user on Reddit has figured out how to view hidden trophies the easy way.

Here is How to View Hidden Trophies

In the Reddit post, u/RockyB95 writes, “Ive a had a PS4 for almost five years. I just now learned if you select a hidden trophy and press square it’ll tell you what the trophy is.”

Crazy, right? It seriously is that easy. Just to clarify, that means that first, you need to navigate to the list. Then, navigate to the hidden trophy you are interested in. Press “x” at that point to select it. Then, just push the “square’ button.

But if you are wondering how you possibly couldn’t have known this until now, do not fret. You are not the only one. In fact, if the reaction on Reddit is any indication, tons of gamers have had no clue all these years. Since the post went up three days ago, it has received over 27,600 upvotes. Redditors also posted more than 1,500 comments so far. Additionally, the PlayStation UK Twitter account noticed what was going on, and re-shared the link. So it would seem Sony was not even aware that users were confused about the hidden trophies all this time.

A Reddit user has learned how to view hidden trophies.

If you are looking for other useful tips and tricks for using the PS4, it is worth reading through some of these comments. Many are focused on the hidden trophies, of course. But quite a few also discuss other useful things to know about operating the PS4. As some of these posts have received many upvotes, they are easy to find near the top. So you could just end up learning a few unexpected things about your console.

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