Rumor: PS5 Devkit Name Leaked

Remember in August when images turned up which a developer confirmed were of the design for the PlayStation 5 devkit? If you were wanting to learn more about the devkit, you should find today’s supposed leaks of interest. They reveal some additional information about the devkit, including the purported PS5 devkit name.

The PS5 Devkit Name Was Reportedly Revealed

Gizmodo is the site which claims to know the name of the console devkit. Before revealing it, the author goes into quite a bit of detail regarding how the site found out about it before the leaked images went public. In this article, the site also says that a tipster told them that the PS5 devkit name is “Prospero.”

Elaborating, the author writes, “The console shares its name with the central character of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. In the play, Prospero is a moody wizard supported by characters like the magic spirit Ariel, and the kind nobleman Gonzalo. That’s curious because Ariel and Gonzalo aren’t just characters in The Tempest: They’re also the codenames for unreleased AMD products that were discovered by geeks and are thought to be guts for next-gen consoles.”

But it should be noted that this Gizmodo report is the same one which claimed that Microsoft is engineering a sophisticated new camera for the Xbox Scarlett. Microsoft itself refuted that rumor right away, forcing the site to issue a correction. So, that may cast doubt on some of these other rumors, but it does not disprove them. But in any case, even Gizmodo reminds readers that there is a difference between a rumor and an official announcement.

Right now, we can only wait to find out whether more leaks will turn up which are consistent with these rumors—or hope for real announcements from Sony and Microsoft regarding what we’re hearing about PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. So, as we get closer to 2020, it seems like it should be inevitable that we’ll be learning something substantial soon. To keep up with future rumors and updates, see our PlayStation news section.