Rumor: PS5 Will Cost €499

It’s mid-September, and yet we still do not know the pricing for the PlayStation 5. The wait can’t be much longer, since Microsoft has already announced the pricing for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S along with their November 10th release date. But now, there is a rumor that the cost of the optical version of the PlayStation 5 may be €499. How do we know it is possible that the PS5 will cost €499? Let’s take a look at the origin of this rumor.

Why Might the PS5 Cost €499?

The rumor comes from ResetEra, where a member named Dust posted about a Spanish retailer listing the prices for two unknown consoles. They are codenamed AUREA and ENIGMA. The console codenamed “AUREA” has a price of €499, while the console with the codename “ENIGMA” has a price of €399.

Hypothetically, AUREA would be the full version of the PlayStation 5 that includes an optical drive. Meanwhile, ENIGMA would be the discless version. You may be wondering what these prices would equate to in US Dollars. As of the time of this writing, €499 equals $591.39, while €399 equals $427.65.

Obviously the USD prices for these consoles are not going to be such odd amounts, so Sony will be rounding them up or down. I have heard the theory that the USD prices will be the same numbers, so $499 and $399. But that seems odd to me, since there is a considerable price gap between $499 and $591.39. Could it be that the cost will actually be $599? If so, would Sony round up or down for the digital version of the PS5? Would it cost $399 or $499?

The existence of this listing with the prices in Euros arguably raises a lot more questions than answers. Regardless, the listings are just placeholders, and the prices may not even be the final ones. So, take all of this with a grain of salt. Check our PlayStation news again soon for more updates.