Rage 2’s First Gameplay Trailer is an Intense Spectacle of Mayhem

Earlier this week, Bethesda officially announced that Rage 2 is happening with an announcement trailer that was heavy on thrills but light on gameplay. Now, Rage 2 has gotten its first gameplay trailer, confirming that the sequel’s setting and gameplay will be just as chaotic (if not more so) as its predecessor.

Here is the Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer

According to Bethesda’s new Rage 2 splash page, the sequel will cast players as a hero named Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland who finds themselves in a bit of a predicament at the game’s start, having been robbed and left for dead by the villainous Authority (we’ll be disappointed if this doesn’t lead to at least a few Chuck Norris/Walker, Texas Ranger memes).

The Authority will be just one of several different factions players can cross paths with during their wasteland adventures, and those adventures will take players to a variety of different locales ranging from sun-baked deserts to ominous jungles and murky swamps.

When players inevitably find themselves facing down groups of hostile enemies, they’ll be able to use an arsenal of different upgradable weapons, ability-granting ‘Nanotrite’ powers, and a weapon-enhancement mechanic called Overdrive to defend themselves. Along with standard humanoid foes, Rage 2 will also pit players against more bizarre threats such as robots and hulking mutant monstrosities, ensuring that players will always have to be on their toes. Much like in the original Rage, vehicle combat will also be a big part of Rage 2’s gameplay structure, with players able to commandeer a number of land and air-based vehicles.

Rage 2 is being jointly developed by id Software (the studio behind the original Rage) and Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios. A specific release date hasn’t yet been confirmed (Bethesda is likely saving that announcement for E3), but fans of the original Rage can pre-order the sequel right now for PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4.