Rainbow Six Siege Players Want a Manual Forgive Option for Teamkilling

Ubisoft recently implemented a super-strict teamkilling penalty for Rainbow Six Siege as a way to curtail toxic behavior. The system auto-bans a player for 30 minutes if they teamkill twice in one match, no exceptions. Subsequent offenses extend the length of the ban, adding up fast for toxic players with an itchy trigger finger. However, such a system is prone to make mistakes, which is why some players want a manual forgive option.

Rainbow Six Siege players want a manual forgiveness option for teamkilling.

Are Rainbow Six Siege’s Automated Ban Systems Too Harsh?

Unlike in most other competitive shooters, friendly fire is always on in Rainbow Six Siege. Because of this, intentional teamkilling has been a constant problem ever since Siege’s early days. If you somehow upset a teammate, they could simply shoot you, thus forcing you to sit the round out. Even worse, your only recourse was to manually report the player and hope Ubisoft took the time to investigate.

A Potential Solution

With the new system, intentional teamkilling has become a much less prevalent problem. However, players are now upset that they’re being punished for honest mistakes by an uncaring automated system. The ban doesn’t kick in unless you teamkill twice in one round, an acknowledgement that mistakes can happen. However, as fans have pointed out, there are situations where multiple instances of accidental teamkilling can happen:

  • Intense close-quarters firefights where an ally unintentionally steps between your aiming crosshair and your target while you’re firing.
  • A mistimed explosive gadget detonation that kills one or more teammates along with your intended target.
  • Trying to shoot an enemy Caveira player who is interrogating a teammate and accidently clipping the teammate as well.

Rather than adjust the auto-ban system, fans are asking that Ubisoft instead implement a manual forgiveness option. Such an option would allow the teamkilled player to prevent the ban system from flagging their teammate. Granted, random online players likely wouldn’t bother (or simply forget) to use such a feature super often. For pre-made groups who liked to play together though, a manual forgiveness option would be a huge boon.

Along with a manual forgiveness option, Rainbow Six Siege players also want a better Terrorist Hunt mode. Manual forgiveness for accidental teamkilling seems slightly more manageable than a major Terrorist Hunt rework, but you never know.

Thanks to PC Gamer for its initial findings on the Rainbow Six Siege teamkilling forgiveness requests.