Ratatoskr: How to Find God of War’s Most Foul-Mouthed Easter Egg

God of War is positively brimming with collectibles, hidden lore, and Easter eggs. Already, players have translated Norse runes on an item in the game’s collector’s edition to find a secret weapon. Many more have found the game’s Infinity Gauntlet Easter egg. While both of those were weapons, there is one Easter egg that is a bit less serious, and a lot more insulting, though undeniably useful.

In Norse mythology, Ratatoskr was a squirrel who ran up and down the world-tree Yggdrasil. The talking rodent carried messages between the serpent Nidhoggr, who gnawed the roots of the tree, and Vedrfolnir, the eagle who perched atop it. The appearance of Ratatoskr in God of War is in spirit form, and he is particularly entertaining. Finding him in the first place, however, requires a bit of work.

How to Find Ratatoskr

Late in the game, after you acquire the Magic Chisel, you will be able to reach an area called the Light Elf Outpost in the Lake of Nine, when the waters are lowered. Inside it is a Nornir Chest, to unlock which you’ll need to find break different rune seals. The first of those runes can be spotted on the left as you cross the first light bridge towards the chest. Next, turn right and bypass a nearby gate until you find a place where you can jump. Turn left once you reach a clearing and use a chain to climb down to a lower area, where you will slay a Viken.

You should find a glowing crystal here, but you don’t need it just yet. For now, open a gate and head back to the main area. Keep progressing until you lift a gate next to the Nornir Chest. Now you can move the crystal you bypassed earlier to a newly-revealed space, creating a light bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn a corner and you should be looking down into the main area. There will be two more crystals to the left and right which Atreus can shoot, revealing two bridges. Continue forward until you see a wall that you can climb and a chain you can knock down. Look forward, and you should spot the next rune seal.

Now, climb up the wall and head across the right-hand bridge. Halfway across, you should be able to see a pillar in the water, with the final rune upon it. Now go back to the left bridge to find a movable crystal. Place it in a spot near a gold chest, then shoot it. Look up and to the left and right to find two more crystals you’ll need to shoot. Doing all that will reveal a Realm Tear. Once you have completed the Tear, you can open the chests, and return to the Nornir Chest for an Idunn Apple. What you really want, however, is the Bitter Squirrel Runic Summon.

The Bitter Squirrel Runic Summon

This Runic Summon can be equipped by Atreus, and will allow you to summon Ratatoskr. When he does, the spirit squirrel appears on his shoulder, before bounding down and digging up either health stones (if Atreus has Light Arrows equipped), or rage stones (if he has Shock Arrows equipped). Of course, every time you summon him, he will make it very clear that he resents being summoned by insulting you and your abilities. The foul-mouthed little rodent has quite a wide selection of insults, in fact.