RBI Baseball 19 Roster Updates Arrive Following Japan Series

It is hard to think spring when the temperatures are still so cold across most of the Midwest. Nevertheless, baseball is on the horizon! For the Seattle Mariners and Oakland A’s the season has already begun. The first RBI Baseball 19 roster update is out following the Opening Day Series between the M’s and A’s that was held earlier this week in Tokyo, Japan.

Ichiro leads RBI Baseball 19 update

While the changes were minimal compared to where they will be in the coming weeks, RBI Baseball released their first official updates for the 2019 season.

For those newcomers to R.B.I., the popular video game releases a roster update each week that best reflects the current state of the game. In honor of Ichiro retiring, RBI Baseball did one a bit earlier this season.

To commemorate Ichiro Suzuki’s return to where his career all began (Tokyo, Japan) RBI Baseball has turned back the clock for this week.

RBI 19 boosted Ichiro’s stats to reflect his 2001 MVP and ROY season. Many gamers and fans alike may have forgotten how great Ichiro was during his incredible 2001 season. Ichiro’s contact rating was a well-deserved 99. He also earned 99 for his arm strength and fielding ability.

Ichiro won the rookie of the year and MVP awards in 2001. No wonder he had three 99 ratings on RBI Baseball!

Once again, congrats to Ichiro on a great career.

RBI Baseball 19 roster updates also included Blake Treinen, Manny Machado, Patrick Corbin, Andrew McCutchen, and Charlie Morton. Treinen pitched two shutout innings for Oakland against Seattle in their opening series. He did not give up a hit or a walk and struck out four.

Machado, Corbin, McCutchen, and Morton were brought to the forefront because they are playing in new cities this season.

RBI is out for Android, iOS users

In case you missed it, RBI Baseball 19 is out for iOS and Android users! Last Wednesday RBI Baseball announced it has officially released its Android and iOS versions.

The cost to download RBI 19 is $6.99 for both Android and iOS users. As always, RBI Baseball can be played on Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch devices.

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