Recommended NBA 2K23 Changes to Improve Gameplay

We are swiftly approaching the release of NBA 2K23. As great as NBA 2K22 was, however, there are some ways in which the next game could take some leaps forward. Below, we go over some suggested NBA 2K23 changes to improve gameplay. Note that these are not our original ideas; these are things we have seen other fans asking for. Let’s hope the team over at Visual Concepts follows through on some of these ideas.

These are the Necessary NBA 2K23 Changes to Improve Gameplay

1. Defense

We need to see some all-around improvements with defense—and more emphasis on defense in general. But in particular, something should be done about the auto-steal having been taken out of NBA 2K22. We are not saying it was necessarily the wrong decision, but gameplay needs to compensate a bit.

2. AI

Somehow, AI managed to actually get worse in NBA 2K22—or at least it felt that way. Positioning especially was problematic. Hopefully NBA 2K23 will be much better in this department.

3. Paint defense (specifically)

One thing we cannot forget to mention are the annoyances with defending in the paint. The fake shot attempts just have been really over the top, and countering them is a hassle. We need more viable options for paint defense.

4. No more shot meters

As things stand, shot meters make life a lot easier for defenders—but also less realistic. Getting rid of this feature would up the challenge level, but also make for more compelling gameplay.

5. More player movement animations

Last but not least, player movement animations are way too limited right now, which makes gameplay feel less natural. In fact, it is practically immersion-breaking at times. This would be easy to fix just by adding in more animations.

That wraps up the top recommendations for how to improve gameplay in NBA 2K23. Whether or not any of this will happen is just something we will have to wait to find out. Any one of these would be a huge step up from NBA 2K22. In the meantime, you can catch up on some of the latest updates about the game. Take a look at our guide to NBA 2K23 editions, and don’t miss out on the chance to laugh at LeBron James’ unnatural-looking hairline. Check our NBA 2K news section again soon for more on NBA 2K23.