Red Dead Online Fast Travel: How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Online

Knowing how to use the Red Dead Online fast travel system is something the game doesn’t explain to you. This is the same case as with the main singleplayer offline mode that follows the story of Arthur Morgan. Unfortunately, because of this, you have to figure out how to fast travel on your own or use a guide like this one.

Thankfully, that’s where we come in. We are going to show you how to use the Red Dead Online fast travel system so that you zip around the map easily. This will allow you to quickly make your way from place to place. Whether you’re trying to reach the next main story mission or just wanting to meet up with your friends, here’s how you do it.

How to Do Red Dead Online Fast Travel

Red Dead Online fast travel


The fast travel system in this game works a little better than in the main game. At the very least, you can use it right from the start rather than having to go through various upgrades and such for your camp. Though, like that one, it also has its own weird quirks and caveats about it. All you need to do is visit the signposts on the world map.

Open up your world map and look for the closest signpost to you. For the most part, these are close to towns and cities. You will have to physically make your way to one of these. Once there, you can spend a few dollars to Red Dead Online fast travel to another signpost in the world. The price you pay varies based on the distance to your destination.

Another way you can do the Red Dead Online fast travel is quitting to the online main menu. From here, select to spawn in one of the five states. This is good for when you don’t want to spend any cash.