Red Dead Online Gold Bars Microtransactions Could Affect Gameplay, Not Just Cosmetics

Red Dead Online is available right now for some players with everyone else getting in later this week. However, one thing that isn’t open yet is the microtransactions item shop. Yes, that’s right, the multiplayer portion will have the controversial microtransactions in the form of Red Dead Online gold bars. These bars are used in the multiplayer for purchasing various items.

Unlike the main campaign, Red Dead Online gold bars are used much differently. You aren’t looking for these bars to collect but, instead, earning them over time or buying them. It is worth noting that while you can buy these bars, you do earn them in the game. What’s concerning some players is that the bars could affect gameplay and not just cosmetics.

Red Dead Online Gold Bars Explained

Red Dead Online gold bars

Rockstar Games has already noted that the gold bars will be used for cosmetic items. These include stuff like styles for your camp and guns but it could affect gameplay, too. The gold bars can apparently (according to GameRant) allow you to receive certain items earlier than you normally would. One such example is a vendor that can change your Honor level.

For the price of three Red Dead Online gold bars, you can change your Honor level. This affects the game world and activities in it. While you certainly can earn the three gold bars in the game, it could take you upwards of 24 hours to do so. Some users predict that it will take around eight hours to earn a single bar.

The Red Dead Online gold bars are divided up into nuggets that you earn through missions and the like. You need basically 100 of them in order to make one bar. In our first hour and a half playing, we earned around 0.20 gold bars or a fifth of a gold bar. That does equal around eight hours or so for a single gold bar.